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Welcome to a New Term. ((Locked to Teachers.))

New Rules
- All professors, without exception, are to attend staff meetings this year. (This includes you, Sybill.)
- No student is allowed to wander the grounds without some kind of escort. This policy will remain in effect so long as Miss Gladspell is missing.
- I am requiring that House Heads be responsible for searching student dormitories. These searches are to be performed bimonthly, or at the discretion of the Head of the House in question.
- At no time during the school term is a Head of House allowed to leave the school grounds for more than a day, and that day must be cleared at least two weeks in advance.

- We are in need of more volunteers for supervising Hogsmeade visits, due to the recent incidents. I would like to have at least four staff members accompanying the students off school grounds.
- The students should have partners. No student should be allowed to wander Hogsmeade alone at this time.
- The number of Hogsmeade visits may be diminished this term. This has not yet been decided. The first will be pushed back at least a week.

Please accept that these policies are necessary at this time. I expect to hear no argument.
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