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Brief Reminder to Our Faculty and Staff.

Please feel free to encourage the students to use the adapted MagiNet technology which has been introduced to the school. It provides an excellent medium for communication, as well as a tool for information gathering. However, do keep in mind that we are to keep away from purely Muggle lines. This should nto be difficult, as the interface devices must be tampered with n order to access outside the Ministry-Approved MagiNet system. Any such tampering will result in the loss of 100 House points and possible expulsion from the school.

The faculty should also be reminded that personal interface devices (PIDs or LapTops), such as they are, will not be allowed on school grounds this year and should be confiscated on sight. Students may access the MagiNet using devices installed in the library, each of the House common rooms, and select faculty offices only.

For the safety of the students, this protocol must be strictly adhered to until such a time when proper information privacy wards can be placed on the devices. Such wards are being researched, and we are hoping that this may occur sometime during next Summer. This is of course an optimistic estimate and we certainly won't be holding our breaths.


M. McGonagall
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